Puncture Safe Perthshire

Treating your Tyres before  you get a puncture

We install the Punture Prevention product directly  into your tyre. Once you have covered approx ten miles the  inside of your tyre is  totally coated and now  ready  to cure a potential puncture. This  is a proactive product to PREVENT PUNCTURES.

All installations come  with a  certificate  of  authenticity and a 30% discount  on future  purchases  for the  life time  of the vehicle.

Puncture Safe Perthshire, provide a  bespoke  service at  your  home or work place, to  give you  the  peace  of  mind of returning  home safely or  getting  to  work on time  without  the  dreaded  FLAT, whether  you  drive a family  car, motorcycle, HGV, or work  in the Plant  hire  or  Agricultural  industry. We have  the  Puncture  prevention product  for  your  Vehicle.

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